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About Us


01Student Union

It is elected lawfully every year in the month of December as per the norms of the University of Burdwan. It is composed of the President (Principal, Ex-officio), General Secretary , Asst. General Secretary , Vice-President and other sectional secretaries of Games, Culture, Magazine, Vigyan Parishad, S tudents' Aid and Welfare and Common room for boys and girls. Besides these office-bearers, class-representatives also function as part and parcel of the union. Every bonafide student is a member of this Students' council and they have the voting right to form council. The elected members of the council are to look into the interests and rights of the students in general. They help to implement the students Welfare scheme. In cooperation with the Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff of the college they care for participation of general students in cultural activities, celebration of memorable events, students support services etc. The students have a lot of recreation when they attend the Freshers Welcome and Annual Social function conducted by the Students' Union. The goddess Saraswati is worshipped in the college campus.

02College Magazine

AMagazine named SRIJANI is published every year generaly in the month of November / December by the Students Council under active guidence of an efficient teacher . Amagazine mirrors the mental horizon of teachers and students and as discerning reader turns over the pages, he can guess the quality of the cultural-intellectual level of the college. It is the medium in terms of which many latent protentialities are manifested. Every care is taken by all concerned to upkeep its quality and publish it timely . The Hons. Departments also publish their departmental magazines taking the students concerned into confidence.

03Sports and Games

Apat from Annual sports students have a tradition of participation in inter-collegiate and District Sports Meet. Even in the last two years students participated in the State Sports Meet in Kolkata. Past instances are there of representing the University of Burdwan in sports meet and inter University tournaments by student of this college. There is also provision for Indoor games like T able T ennis, Chess, Carrom Board. The college authority has recently set-up a gymnasium for all students. The college has also a standard size Football Ground, and the college foot-ball team participates in Inter-college Foot-ball Championship every year.

04Guardians' Role

The college authority lays much importance on the role of guardians in the arena of Higher education. With regard to 1st year students a general meeting involving authority , guardians and the wards is held every year in February / March wherein guardians are provided with up-to-date information of the attendance, result etc. of their wards. They are also given opportunity to give their advice or suggestion, if any , for such interaction yields a good result in so far as the progress of the students is concerned.

05Complaint Box

The college authority never claims that it is immune from all shortcomings. Dereliction of duties or services of staff of the college, mismanagement, hampering of students' interest or support services or any other factors which cause inconveniences may be drawn to the notice of the authorities by way of lodging a complaint in the box provided for this purpose in the college office. The printed form for lodging such complaints is available from the cash counter free of cost. No hesitation should be there in mentioning the identification of the complainant, as the identity will by no means by disclosed.