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Aims and Objectives



    When Maharani Padma Sundari Devi founded the college, she enacted a deed entitled “Brajabala Trust”. In the preface of the document it is clearly said, “Owing to lack of opportunity, boys of this region have hitherto remained outside the sphere of education and hence deprived of the access to knowledge. For the benefit of the country, my venerable husband set up a high English school and a Sanskrit Chatuspathi Tol at this village of Hetampur. Numerous boys have been studying there. But it is a matter of regret that the non-existence of an institution of higher learning has blocked their path to advanced education. So, I whole-heartedly wish to set up a college for imparting higher education to those boys and other pupils of the country and have made my plan to do so”.

             This statement of the foundress reveals the goal of the college. The college wanted primarily to open the spheres of college education to village boys, and besides to students coming from other areas. The college over the one hundred and eleven years of its journey has expanded in size and diversified its courses, but basic goal has not altered. Over all these years, many changes have taken place in the arena of formal education and the college has unrelentingly tried to rise to the occasion. Set up in the midst of rural surroundings, the college has tried to make use of the best features of urban and rural lives, trying to combine modernity with tradition.