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Bethune College
Bethune College


Framework of NCC:
After admission into college, the offer of enrolment as NCC cadets is made to students. There is an A.N.O. who takes charge of these cadets. At present girls are also entitled to join this scheme. The enrolled students take regular part in training classes, parades and drills. They also take active part in celebration of Flag-hoisting ceremony on 15th August and 26th January. They are supplied with uniforms and other necessary articles. They also find opportunity to take part in advanced Leaders camp, Summer Training Camp and Neighbouring State Camp. The outstanding cadets having requisite certificate have enough scope for employment. More than 45 N.C.C. cadets have been recruited so far in different Central and State Govt. departments. 
Adoption of Villages: 
The NCC wing of this Institute adopts one village each year (Tarulia, 2017; Metegram, 2016; Pochhiara, 2015; Kendula, 2014) to sensitize and educate villagers about the real life problems such as sanitation, nutrition, health & hygiene, Govt schemes for skill development, legal aid, consumer protection and allied field etc at the grass root level.

    Notable Achievements: 

  • In the session 2013-14 one cadet attended Thal Sena camp. 
  • In the Session 2014-15 two cadets attended republic day camp took part in prime minister’s rally; one cadet bagged gold medal in all India rock climbing at Gwalior.
  • In the Session 2015-16, in the Unit level Highest number of cadets attended NCC camp; and NCC wing of this college won the Best cadet award winner and best ANO award winner.
  • In the Session 2015-16, in the All India Gaya Trekking, cadets from this college had put their outstanding performance. 
  • In the Session 2015-16 cadets from this college participated in all national level camps (Thal Sena camp, republic day camp, local republic day camp, NCC day camp, advance leadership camp, water rafting, rock climbing training camp, national integration camp, etc )and had unique performance bagging gold medals, trophies etc.
  • In the Session 2016-17 One cadet attended service selection board – 2016.