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  • Welcome Everybody.Vision of this institution is to making students cognizably sound and ethically strong so as to enable them to further the task of nation building. Mission of this institution is “universal access to learning”. These two cannot be simultaneously obtained because if quantity increases quality deteriorates. But a balance can be obtained in between these in respect of a focus to the population of our country, and percentage of educated people which is very low in comparison to other developing countries like us. With several perturbations present we try to do so in our institute particularly for those who come from socially backward and economically poor families. This college has a tradition with respect to its quality of teaching and number of graduates it produced when there was no college other than it in the district of Birbhum, W.B. Not only science teaching (once upon a time the college was designated as “College of Chemistry”), but also humanities teaching in different subjects like Philosophy, History, Bengali was at high level that can be compared with any premier college in the country. Different faculty members wrote books on their subjects like Political science, Philosophy etc that were very popular not only to the students of our country but also to East and West Pakistan presently Bangladesh and Pakistan respectively. Society changes in its own course of time. In present day guardians from every level of the society in our state has a trend to educate their wards at any means. This is good sign because it will increase the percentage of educated people of the country in future. This is not a new picture in West Bengal, because “Bengalee” people love education traditionally. In past, it was concentrated within the upper caste of the society; presently the new picture is that it has been wide spreaded that means it is penetrated within them who were ignored by the educated upper classes. Not only these people but also them who belong to minority community. We take the advantage of this changing society and use our faculty, associated staffs and infrastructure of the institution who make it wide spread within the society. Remedial coaching centre in the college is an additional impetus to enlight the students coming from reserved category.

    Dr.Goutam Chatterjee   (Principal/TIC,K.C.College)