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College Rules


As a government institution, the college is under the direct control of the Higher Education Department of the Government of West Bengal and is affiliated to the University of Burdwan. The college takes up academic programmes following the norms and rules of the university . However , for smooth running of the academic activities throughout a session, different committees are formed by the T eachers' council to assist the Principal. In order to maintain descipline in the college, a student must follow some code of conduct, obey the college rules and abide by the Principal's order.


A. (1) For irregular attendance and poor performance a student may be called for explanation accompanied by his / her guardian. In such cases only the person whose signature appears in the Admission from as guardian will be allowed to represent. (2) For continuous or unusual absence or for poor results in both periodical test examination, the name of a student may be struck off the college roll. (3) For showing disrespect to any member or the staff or discourteous behavior to any fellow student or guardian, a student may be asked to take transfer from the college. (4) For misbehavior or poor attendance and progress, financial benifits (viz. free studentship etc.) granted to a student may be discontinued. (5) For adoption of unfair means in examination or deliberate damage / unauthorized removal of college property , a student is liable to be punished to the extent of expulsion.

B.(1) Outsiders, except on official business, are not allowed in the college campus. (2) Smoking in the college premises is strictly prohibited. (3) Astudent found involved in any act of indiscipline or ragging is liable to be expelled from the college. (4) Do not spit here and there or on wall. (5) Do not dirt the college campus. (6) Use the Dustbin. (7) Flush water in the toilet after use. (8) Save energy ; it is precious. (9) Switch off the fans / lights which are not in use. (10) Switch off the Mobiles when classes are on. (11) Use Comon room when classes are off. (12) Don't gossip / loiter around the classes which are on. (13) Maintain silence. (14) Do not dirt the college garden. Do not pluck flower or leaves. (15) Enrol your name in NCC / NSS.


A) Astudent shall; (i) Attend classess regularly. (ii) Keep identity card issued by the college in possession. (iii) See the students' notice board regularly . (iv) Pay all dues as per schedule displayed on the noticed board. (v) Show respect to teaching and non-teaching members of staff of the college. (vi) Behave well with fellow students and guardians. (vii) Participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. (viii) Maintain silence in college premises during college hours. (ix) Obey the library rules in respect of using library books. (x) Appear in the class tests and other examinations. B) (i) Enquiry, if any , is to be made at the office with the person in the students' section between 1 1 a.m. and 2 p.m. on working days. (ii) In case of change of residential address of a student, a letter of intimation addressed to the Principal and countersigned by the guardian must be submitted to the students' section of the college office. (iii) Any application from a college student to any outside authority must be made in duplicate. (iv) Any application to the Principal must be forwarded throgh the respective head of the Department or Professor-in-charge. (v) At the time of claiming certificate, admit card, marksheet etc. a student must personally produce his / her Identity Card, Fee book.