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Bethune College
Bethune College

Students Union

The Institute has a Students’ Union. The students of the college elect their representatives to form the body of Students’ Union under the supervision of an election commission duly constituted by the Governing Body as per the statute of the affiliating university (The University of Burdwan) and relevant directives of the Government of West Bengal. In various academic and administrative sub-committees of the Institute, a student representative is always there to look after the welfare of the students.

Aims and Objectives:

The Students’ Union is very active in the sense that they help in organising various cultural programmes, sports and games, Annual Cultural Programme and celebrating various observation days. Apart from that in this context we can also mention the fact that the students union plays a pivotal role to encourage the common students to shake off their normal shyness and express themselves. The Union serves as a unifying force that honours each individual and values diversity. The Union fosters a sense of community that cultivates enduring loyalty to the college. The elected members of the Students’ Union in their first meeting elects among themselves the office bearers to the union. The Students’ Union constitutes the following office bearers with a teacher as the president of respective sub-
committees for the session- 2016-17:


  1. President--- Dr Goutam Chatterjee
  2. Vice President---Rahul Bauri   
  3. General Secretary---Syed Bapi Hossain
  4. Asst.General Secretary---Surojit Sutradhar
  5. Culture Secretary(joint)---Akash Mondal &S,K Alamin
  6. Asst.Culture Secretary---Syed Jiaul Hossain
  7. Game&Athelatics Secretary---Sk.Abdul Gani
  8. Asst.Game&Athelatics Secretary---Syed Abdul Gaffar
  9. Magazine Secretary---Sukanta Paitandi
  10. Asst.Magazine Secretary---Ramit Bag
  11. Bigyan Parisad Secretary---Saikat Karmakar
  12. Asst.Bigyan Parisad Secretary---Monoranjan Ghosh
  13. Student Welfare and Aidfund---Sk.Abdur Rahaman
  14. Asst.Student Welfare and Aidfund---Rafiul Khan
  15. Boy's Common Room Secretary---Sourav Khan
  16. Asst.Boy's Common Room Secretary---Debraj Chatterjee
  17. Girl's Common Room Secretary---Bilkish Parvin               


  • The Student’s Union is supposed to Assist the college administration in interacting with students;
  • Identify and seek to realize the legitimate demands of the students;
  • Try to find solutions to the grievances of students;
  • Look after the welfare of students;
  • Negotiate with the administration for better amenities to be made available for students;
  • Organize cultural functions, festivals, annual ‘Socials’ and cultural events to welcome new entrants into the college.
  • Organize participation in various games and tournaments and Annual Athletics Meet under the guidance of the Director of Games and Sports.